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San Francisco Chinese Restaurant Temporarily Closes Because White Gentrifiers are Annoying and Entitled

A series of customer complaints angered the chef-owner of the small Chinese restaurant so much that he chose to shut the doors, albeit, temporarily, SF Eater reports.

“We are closed because of you (customers),” one sign read.

“So…yes we use MSG, we don’t believe in organic food, and we don’t give a shit about gluten free,” a sign directly below the first proclaims.

The chef tells KGO-TV that he made the signs because he was tired of catering to hard to satisfy patrons.

To illustrate his frustration, he explained one of the incidents that led to the closure:

“The second guy came up to me and said, ‘The rule is, if we don’t like it we don’t have to pay.’ And as he walked out he started cursing at me and that’s when I went ‘poof’,” the chef says.

An employee with the restaurant told the SF Eater that another incident occurred just prior. In that case, the party refused to pay for their meals after saying the food was “too spicy.”

(To quickly address the stigmatization of MSG- it is racist bullshit)

good signs I would eat here

yo this place is fucking fantastic.

SO is across the street from my work and their wings are some top tier shit.

Literally 3/4 of the menu is fried food so all of the ‘not organic’ and ‘too spicy’ complaints make zero sense. I’m paleo so I can understand most picky eaters, but why the fuck would you go here to eat healthy??

Trader Joe’s is literally across the street motherfuckers. I wish these losers would just buy all the disgusting kale, go home, cook it, eat it, and then kill themselves.

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'i'm depressed and i dont want to clean my room anymore' vibes

'ey when did caillou start working at Muji heheh…' *continues to die slowly* (at Muji)

'ey when did caillou start working at Muji heheh…' *continues to die slowly* (at Muji)

Bernhard Wilhelm x Camper - Himalayan Trainers

Bernhard Wilhelm x Camper - Himalayan Trainers

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ppl keep asking if I went running today…うるさいな…

ppl keep asking if I went running today…うるさいな…


UNDERCOVER Fall/Winter 2014 N4203-2 Stadium Jacket

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C.E AW 2014

n you guys in Cali have muji snax oh man *fans self*

i only work here cuz of kag bait tbh




s/o to still not caring

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Nike Air Rift

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